Episode 001 : Assouad Initiation

"Assouad Initiation" is the first video of the studio that traces the making of our first model, the Assouad Jacket.

For this first episode, we decided to highlight the process of creating the jacket. We find in this one a man torn by contrast emotions. A mixture of melancholy, sadness, joy and confidence punctuate the video and the process of making the jacket.

In order to reinforce the feelings of the character, we had a music made by the French music group ‘Kids Return’ especially for this video. The music is based on organic and jam inspirations, which retrace the emotions perceived during this video.

Within this episode, we can find real elements that we used and made in the making of the first prototype of the Assouad jacket: the first drafts, the patterns, the textiles...

We shot this video in Paris, entirely on film, with a team of friends from the Studio, the oldest of whom was 25 years old.